About Goat Rodeo Goods

GOAT RODEO GOODS is about making seasonal, local food more accessible, exciting and a little bit entertaining through our own condiments, publications and educational workshops. 

We make a range of seasonings, preserves and pickles with punchy flavours and spicy names.  Everything is made small batch, by hand, by us. We develop products that change with the seasons and celebrate local produce; we work with local farmers to grow ingredients and help reduce food waste by using up their surplus produce too. 

You’ll be able to find ways to use these across our publications and educational workshops, our mission at GOAT RODEO GOODS is to add a bit of fun to your kitchen, and encourage everyone to eat more seasonally and support local producers. 

Interested in wholesaling GRG, drop us an email hello@fodderandfarm.com

About Fodder + Farm

Fodder + Farm is a regenerative farm to table event space and with a line of locally grown and made spices, preserves and pickles, Goat Rodeo Goods.

We are based at the edge of the Trossachs in Port of Menteith. Run by Lucy Pattinson, Kat Goldin and Kevin Harrison, we are passionate about local food, community and the joy of shared dining.

At Fodder + Farm, we try to measure our food distance in steps, rather than miles. We strive to shake up the traditional ways of thinking about where your food comes from and how to make eating food from your local farms, fields and forests an everyday excitement, not just for highdays and holidays!

Lucy Pattinson of The Fodderation is a private chef who specialises in open-fire and game cooking. Lucy has cheffed all over Scotland - especially across Highland estates. She is a passionate advocate for local food, game and sustainability.

For the last 6 years, Kat and Kevin have run Gartur Stitch Farm, an education-led smallholding that specialises in craft and food. They’ve hosted thousands of people to the farm, doing what they like to call “regenerative farming by stealth” - whilst cuddling a baby goat, learning about natural dye or enjoying a pizza, they are always keen to connect people with where their food and materials come from.

The farm consists of an acre of no-dig, chemical free market garden where we grow the vast majority of the food we serve here. We also utilise rotational grazing with our herd of dairy goats and sheep. We are also passionate about investing in our community, with anything we can't grow our selves being sourced from our neighbouring farmers. 

Fodder & Farm brings them all together to celebrate local food, making and community in the renovated barns, byres and gardens of Gartur Stitch Farm. With a programme of exhibitions, supper clubs, workshops, walks and events, they can’t wait to host you to the farm.